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Stevens Pest Control, llc is dedicated to providing high quality services to Eastern Kentucky areas. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

Premium Termite Protection                 Plan Available


Stevens Pest Control 365 Protection Plan

You get Best of both worlds, Termite baits and liquid termiticides. 

   Beginning with a complete and thorough inspection of your home.   Termite monitoring stations are installed around the exterior of your home and monitored by our expert staff periodically while initially, areas of active infestations are treated with liquid termiticides to stop current damage from continuing. Resulting in complete control of Termite activity with Low impact to your property and the environment.     

Exterior Perimeter Plus


               Expert Service

Stevens Pest Control, llc is committed to getting the job done right, especially when it comes to this service. 
This treatment is designed to target termite infestations by treating the soil that is in closest proximity to the foundation walls on the exterior of the home, which are often the entry points for subterranean termites.
Unless there is evidence of termites living in the home, interior treatments may not be are required, nor should they be sought. A detailed inspection by Stevens Pest Control will assess this issue. Conducting treatments in this manner allows for a targeted result with much less drilling needed and lower impact to your home.

Conventional Treatment


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Conventional treatment methods typically require drilling in order to reach deep into the ground, targeting the interior of foundation walls, plumbing areas, and the interior of cinder blocks, for example. The total amount of treatment spots and the amount of total drilling needed will vary depending on the type of construction of the home. Conventional treatment methods are often high impact to your home, but IF the infestation is really advanced, this is probably the only recourse.

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